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Anna Samanamu is a multi-talented designer and artist based in New Jersey. Her site showcases her many creative pursuits, from graphic design to photography, videography, illustration, and more. Anna is passionate about creating work that sparks joy and inspires others. Her work is full of life, color, and passion, and she is always open to new creative challenges.

Her Graphic Design Portfolio is a reflection of her commitment to creating impactful, professional designs that tell a story. With each of her works, she strives to capture the essence of her clients’ visions while honoring her own Latinx heritage. She uses her design capabilities to bring a unique, creative flair to all of her projects.

"As a graphic designer, I believe that making art is about more than just aesthetics. It’s a way to express yourself and tell a story. My portfolio is a reflection of my journey and all the skills I have acquired over the years.

Not only does it showcase my work, but also the experiences that shaped me into the designer I am today. My hope is that the content you see will be interesting and hopefully, it can spark something inside you and motivates you to do what your heart desires.

My portfolio is also a tribute to my brother Dustin, whose enthusiasm for life and dedication to his craft inspired me to follow my dreams. I view each and every project that I work on through this lens and strive to make the most of every opportunity." 

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