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Word on the Street

If you've arrived to this page, thank you! This page is a great place to showcase who Anna collaborates | produces | creates content for.
Anna is extremely grateful to work with such great and fantastic human beings. Thanks to them, she has been able to discover new skills and step out of her comfort zone.
We'll let the wonderful feedback speak for itself.

Testimonials: Testimonials
Jackie Nuñez

Jackie Nuñez

Talk Show Host of Entertainment Latino - 77WABC

(Co-Host of Goodfellas DooWop and more Club | Former Host of Latin Waves)

“I had the pleasure and honor to work with Anna Samanamú. She is a professional at her craft. I became very comfortable referring her to other musicians and artists that I've worked with in the past; and I will continue to do so because she is genuine and her work reflects her dedication.”

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