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Guaranteed Excellence

Welcome to my Portfolio page. Here you can find updated information and content of what I am working on (currently).

My Work: Features
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Travel Polaroids

Chapters Community Support Services

Non-Profit Organization

Founded by Steven Vaccaro

"Chapters Community Support Services is a non-profit 501(c)3 agency that provides unconditional support to individuals, families and other non-profit programs through four pathways. Our overall vision is to unconditionally empower and assist others during adverse, traumatic, and challenging transitions in life."

Little Way Productions

Entrepreneurial Endeavor

In this section, I will highlight the work I have started to do under this branch of entrepreneurship. As Founder of Little Way Productions, the goal is to make a difference in every moment. Through my graphic designs and videography samples, I believe through art, a story can be told.


Making a difference in every moment

This purpose of this section is to showcase photos I have taken with people who have (and continue) to play a huge role in my progress through life.

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