Kindness is everywhere where you least expect it.

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

My work family. Love my colleagues and students. ♥️


Ever since I started working with Ms. Mallory DeMarco and her students, I feel extremely blessed. The students have taught me compassion, patience, kindness, creativity, and how to be positive. They are the reason why I am able to smile everyday because they demonstrate genuine kindness. Which is why I admire them so much.


Today is #worldautismawareness day - I’m extremely proud of the students’ accomplishments and even celebrate my colleagues/friends’ dedication that they give to the students. It’s time to become more aware and celebrate the autistic population: not just one day, but every single day. You never know: one student (or all of them) can become innovators and change the world. 💙


#autismawareness #students #positivevibes #autismspectrum #autismsupport #educating


Picture was taken last year (just to clarify...)

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