New Collaboration with MentalWhealth - a Mental Health page striving to bring awareness

Before I get started, Mentalwhealth was created (and is administered) by two siblings "healing tthrough mental awareness while empowering others to follow. We can beat this together, join us on our way to recovery.

In all sincerity, thank you, Mentalwhealth, for the opportunity and collaboration in providing your platform to share my perspective of what’s it like living with mental illness; as well as offering words of wisdom. I’m so humbled to call them my friends.

The issue that currently exists with Mental Health is that there is no transparency and empathy to hear people’s pleas for help. At most, society is so used to labeling and not stopping one minute to acknowledge how many are suffering in silence. Not to mention the lack of institutional funding that exist for more MH resources. Oh, and let’s not forget the stigma that still exists surrounding it!

Let’s strive to become more united and help each other out. Let’s be open about Mental Health. It doesn’t make you any less human or weak in sharing your emotions. It’s okay not to be okay. Asking and receiving help actually shapes you into a humble human with a caring heart. 

Please know my website is a judgment free zone. For anyone that thinks that I’m self-victimizing or being too transparent, let’s have a conversation - send me your thoughts/reasons and let’s have a clear understanding because the world needs more positivity, honesty, courage and love - if y’all don’t want to help promote those traits or have a conversation, then I suggest working on what is bothering y’all before judging someone’s suffering.

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