The Importance of Giving Day

Today is Giving Day for Montclair State University students & I would like to share my note with them:



My heart goes out to you all. I completely understand how it feels to deal with uncertainty about what the future holds. I also want to mention to the Class of 2020: you all made it to where you are now - due to y

our perseverance, determination, motivation, and dedication. The first advice I can give you is to have faith and appreciate every present moment you experience.


When I graduated, I was very happy but I was very sad for personal reasons. But, I was extremely grateful to God for the amazing support I received from my family, my friends, classmates, and professors. (Shoutout to Dr. Vidya Atal & Dr. Portes from the @feliciano_business Economics Department; along with Dr. Tony Spanakos & Dr. Elizabeth Wishnick from the @montclairchss Political Science Department for being great mentors!).


Which leads me to my second advice: do reach out to your professors because you never know how much they can guide to you towards your future. I can give testimony that some professors will teach you many life lessons and some will become a great part of your life and career as mentors/friends.


Now, I feel the same emotion you all may feel about graduation because my cousins, my nephew and the students [I work with] are to graduate this year as well; instead of celebrating, I sense and know their uncertainty that lies with today’s issue. My last advice: Don’t lose hope. We are all here for you. We will always support you. Don’t ever feel like this is not your year. Believe me, it is YOUR year! I will be the first person to say that there is a reason our focus is on you today because we would like you to succeed; to become the innovators you’re meant to be; to change the world with your accomplishments. I’ll always root for you all! ♥️🙏🏼



Anna Samanamu (MSU alumna c/o 2017)


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